PRESS RELEASE: WS Provides COVID-19 Vaccination Event at Dover Speedway

John Nicklin Feb 20 2021 2 min read

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WasteStrategies to Provide Collection Containers & Removal/Disposal of Regulated Medical Waste from Drive-Thru COVID-19 Vaccination Event at Dover Speedway

Dover, DE – February 19, 2021. Maryland based WasteStrategies was tapped by FEMA to provide medical waste containers for the safe collection of needles and other biohazard waste produced by the Drive-Thru COVID-19 Vaccination Event at Dover Speedway February 20-25, 2021.

WasteStrategies will use its dedicated Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) resources to
provide training in safe handling and disposal of all medical waste during the event. They will
provide sharps containers and biohazard boxes and bags used for collection. Waste Strategies
will also handle removal and transportation of the resulting biohazardous waste for proper

John Nicklin, founder and principal owner of WasteStrategies has more than 20 years of waste
management experience. In addition to food waste, industrial waste, municipal solid waste,
recyclable materials, WasteStrategies is a leader in management of regulated waste including
hazardous waste, DEA controlled waste, regulated medical waste, pharmaceutical waste,
universal waste and e-waste.

Officials estimate the event will provide the vaccine to up to 3,000 Delawareans a day for six
days. An event of this size generates a lot of biohazardous material for disposal. Needles
syringes, bags, swabs and basically anything touched or exposed closely to bodily fluids and
medical substances are all regulated for proper handling and disposal. “We are happy to offer
our expertise to this fight against the COVID-19 virus,” said Nicklin.

“Safe lawful handling, collection, and disposal, that’s where we come in.”

Nicklin will be on site at the Dover Speedway when the event begins 9:00 am Saturday February
20, 2021. He can be reached at 202.302.8370.